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Our Approach to Counselling

"Let me not be put to shame."

"I am lonely and afflicted."

"Forgive all my sins."

(Psalm 25, ESV)

Every person and family carries a mixed burden of sin, suffering, and shame.

The Bible gives us a framework to understand and shepherd the whole person, a body and soul being redeemed for the glory of God. God is not silent to those who are caught in relational conflict, mental disorders, emotional wounds, and stubborn sins.

In scripture, the Holy Spirit speaks in ways that help us “admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak” (1 Thess 5:14, NASB). These ways of patient "counselling" are a fundamental part of how every Christian is called to help one another.

Our church also offers a more formal, structured biblical counselling for those overwhelmed with severe problems, or stuck in stubborn patterns of sin, suffering, and shame.

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Our Counsellor

Dave Nannery

Dave has been certified for counselling by the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) and is continuing to pursue further education. He has also taken graduate-level training courses and received two certificates from the CCEF School of Biblical Counseling. His experience with biblical counselling and soul care has continued since receiving his M. Div in 2010 from Faith Bible Seminary in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Counselling has been one of his primary roles since joining Squamish Baptist Church as our Associate Pastor in 2015.

Dave has counselled people both inside and outside of Squamish Baptist Church through marital and family conflict, preparation for marriage, anger/anxiety/depression, pornography, chronic suffering, and other problems.

Please note that Dave is not licensed by the province of British Columbia as a Registered Professional Counsellor or social worker, but trained in formal counselling from a distinctly biblical perspective.

If you live in the Sea to Sky corridor and are interested in receiving biblical counselling, please contact the church office.